Milana Charitable Trust Mangalore distributed school uniforms

James D Souza Matove Mangalore

Milana Charitable Trust Mangalore distributed school uniforms  to the poor students of  Vidyajyothi High School Vidynagar  Kavoor Bondel Mangalore, Conducting a Cultural and educational programme.

Sr.Monica Dsouza, Superior of the AC convent Jyothinagar Kavoor Bondel Mangalore, presided the function and distributed the school uniforms to the students. Sr. Asha Lobo, Head Mistress of the school was  present.
Mr. Ramesh Bhat,  the Resource person of the day gave his lecture about the Kannada Culture and Language and its use in the school Curriculum. Later he taught Grammer to the High School students.
Mr. James Dsouza, President of the Milana Charitable Trust Mangalore thanked everyone specially the trustees of the trust, Mr. Edwin Thomas Lewis( Dubai), Mrs. Clara Lewis( Dubai), Ms. Aquiline Lewis (Dubai)  for their support to do this function and also thanked the Donors of Dubai who helped to give uniforms  to the poor students of the school.
Ms Thejaswi ,  welcomed the gathering and vote of thanks by Mrs. Laveena Lobo. The programme compared by Ms Denet D Souza.



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