AIDA MARGARET D’CUNHA,appointed as Organizing Secretary of Karnataka Pradesh Mahila Congress

News by Simon Lasrado Bangalore

Smt. AIDA  MARGARET D’CUNHA, a resident of Koramangala, Bangalore has been appointed as Organizing Secretary of Karnataka Pradesh Mahila Congress with immediate effect.  She is the daughter of Mrs. Evelyn Roseline D’Souza and late Mr. Louis D’Souza who had also worked for the Congress in Mermajal, Bantwal Taluk, Mangalore for almost 30 years.

Mrs. Aida is a social activist. She is the State co-coordinator and member of the national executive committee of the Prison Ministry India, a National Voluntary Organization  which is working for the welfare of the prisoners, juvenile delinquents and women in distress.

She is also the Vice Chairman of the Federation of Konkani Catholic Association(FKCA) and member of the Governing Body of Bangalore Multi purpose Social Service Center.

Mrs. Aida is Vice-President of Abhaya, an NGO providing education to young boys and girls of the depressed class.

She is also one of the Board of Directors of Lions Club of Bangalore, B.T.M Nightingales. Having been a guide and counselor for many NGO’s, she has united many families, saved many lives and helped in providing employment.

She has been very sensitive to the problems of Women and Children. Women and Children Welfare Department, Juvenile Homes, Rehabilitation Center’s like Swanthana, Jeevodhaya, Premalaya, Old age homes and Snehalaya are regularly visited by her and she actively works for these homes. She also conducts sports and entertainment programs and help the inmates by distributing gifts, eatables and clothes involving Corporates, Associations & International school students who share their valuable time  as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

She has organized Eye camps, Blood donation camps, Gynaecology  camps and helped the poor people to get free treatment. She has helped many individuals in obtaining the Sr. Citizens card, Ration cards and also the disabled pensioners receive their pension.

She has helped the minority children from various schools to avail scholarships in Bangalore city.

Her career in social work has been pleasantly and impeccably free from the usual stains that besmirch the image of social workers. Her energy, enthusiasm and spirit are untiring and she proudly states that she is a deeply concerned social worker.



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