Enchanting St. Petersburg

Commander(retd.) Giridhara P Mallya,

St . Petersburg in Russia is a historic  city with over 300 years history.   The city was founded by one of the greatest emperors in Russian history, Peter the great on the marshy lands on the Russian Baltic coast , as a bulwark against the marauding Swedish Navy, 300 years. To get the best of Architecture and design for this city, Peter himself went to Western Europe in disguise  and later invited Italian, French architects and painters to help him out. To give the new city a look of venice, he had his engineers dig several interconnecting  canals, thereby earning the city the nickname of “Venice of the East”. The city is full of palaces created by the Tsar dynasty and also a Hermitage museum which stocks some of the most exclusive paintings and artifacts worth Billions of dollars. I was previleged to visit this city several times since 1994 the latest in August during a cruise of the Baltic seas. As the accompanying photos show, it is a magnificent historic city and worth a visit in a lifetime. Though the city is named St. Petersburg, it is named after the Saint Patron of the city, Saint Peter and not after Peter the Great, the emperor of Russia and founder of the city!

 Breathtaking Monuments


The Church of the Spilled Blood

Fontanka Canal

Fountains in Tzar’s Summer Palace in Peterhoff

Inside Catherine’s Palace

St. Isac’s Cathedral

Summer Palace ,Peterhoff

Typical Canal bridge

Hermitage Museum


About The Author

Commander(retd.) Giridhara P Mallya,  is a native of Kinnigoli and alumni of St. Mary’s Higher Primary School, Kinnigoli, Pompeii Junior College Talipady, National Institute of Engineering Mysore and Pune University. He has a Bachelors in Engineering degree from Mysore University and a Masters in Engineering from Pune University. After completing his PUC from Pompeii Jr. College and graduation in mechanical engineering from Mysore University, he joined the Indian Navy in 1985 as a Marine Engineering Officer and served in various capacities prior to taking up  premature retirement in the rank of Commander in 2007. Since then he is working as a General Manager in Samsung Heavy Industries, Geoje Shipyard in South Korea.

He is married for over 23 years and stays with his wife Geeta in S. Korea with his lone son a Computer Science M.S. student in University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign (UIUC) near Chicago. He regularly visits Kinnigoli during the vacations and has published his travelogues in Mangalorean.com, Kinnigoli.com, Daijiworld.com etc. His elder brother Manjunath is Manager of Syndicate Bank, Kinnigoli. He is passionate about travelling (with over 32 countries visited), writing, Quiz, GK etc. He can be contacted at girmallya@yahoo.co.in and in Facebook as “giridhara mallya”.



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