St.Peter’s Church

Simon Lasrado

The long awaited St.Peter’s Church at Rustham Bagh Layout was blessed and inaugurated on 26th October 2012.”This is the day that  Lord has made,we will rejoice and rejoice in it” a few words of an English hymn was recalled fondly and gratefully by thousands of devotees assembled at the venue in the church premises.  First Arch Bishop Rt Rev.Dr.Bernard Moras along with the Parish Priest Fr.J.Arokianathan,24 guest priests,Members of different groups in the Parish council.altar boys/girls and devotees took out a procession to reach to the new Church to gather in front of the New Church to bless the New Bell.Later he climbed the new church staircase and the flock followed him.

Cutting the new church ribbon, the Arch Bishop invited the people to enter into the new church.The church’s English Choir led by a Mangalorean Jerome Mascarehnas sang the entrance hymn solemnly while the Arch Bishop climbed the Altar with the 24 Priests to offer Concelebration High Mass.

It was  remembered during the Mass  that early  years how   the people of HAL area,Kodihalli,Murugesh Palya,Koneagrahara,Rustham Bagh,SR Nagar and surrounding areas were celebrating  Sunday Mass,Holy Week,Easter,Monthi Festh,Mission Sunday and Christmas in near by Cheshire Home with the help of the Salesian Fathers of Kristhu Jyothi College,KR Puram, Bangalore  and Parish Priests of St.Sebastian Church HAL. Nearly 400 people used to attend Sunday Mass there 90% whom used to stand in the corridors too.

On seeing the devotees’ plight  and on the great urgency that arose subsequently, Community Hall  was inaugurated in 2002 here in Rustam Bagh. Thereafter, as usual every Sunday the Mass was celebrated by Rev.Fr T V Mathew of Kristu Jyothi College,KR Puram B’lore who also accompanied the committee in collection of donations for the construction of Community Hall to continue the same  religious activities there.From 2002 three priests served this Church until 16th June 2008  the present priest Fr.Arokia Nathan took the charge of this Parish.

During the High Mass on Church Inauguration,  the Arch Bishop blessed the Church building,crucifix and the Eucharistic Altar.The hallmark of the dedication ceremony was the anointing of the new altar.At the end the main dignitaries including local BJP corporater Mr.Reddy were thanked and honoured with mementos.The release of new souvenir,launching of new website were other highlights of the day.Mr.Roy D’Cunha(brother in law of Mrs.Aida D’Cunha,Chairperson of FKCA) the Liturgy  Commission Secretary of the Parish was one of the outstanding persons  who stood as fortress in organizing the liturgical service on this great day.

At the end the whole ceremony was ended with gaiety among the faithful and all were fed with festival lunch.



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