Christmas Celebration – White Dowse group

Lionel Pinto Kinnigoli

Kinnigoli:  White Dowse a group of nearly 150 artist of in and arroundMangalore who visit the churches of Mangalore Diocese to giveChristmas message to the people during the Christmas seasonwith their performance. This group is actively doing this service for the last 18 years with the help of the sponsers and well wishers.

Performance was held by this team on Kinnigoli church ground  on 7th december evening at 7.30 P.M. Members of the white dowse team gave the christmas message to the people of in and arroundKinngoli Parish, by Christmas carols, and perfroming the skit on Jesus life. At last Santaclause who appeared on the scene entertained the children and elders by distributing the sweets.  One and half hour programme was appriciated by the crowd with the modern stage setting, lighting, music and live singing.

Mr.Lionel Pinto. Vice President of the Parish Council extended warmwelcome to the team. Fr.Alfred Pinto,Parish priest of Kinnigoli Church, Proposed vote of thanks.



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