Guide toppers II PUC Economics Students

Lionel Pinto, Kinnigoli

Bajpe : 3rd December 2012 turned out to be a special  one to the students of II PUC Economics as books containing worked out 14 previous public examination question papers, latest economic facts and information, projects and assignments, in both English (Beacon) and Kannada (Deevige) version authored by Mr. Vincent D’souza,Kinnigoli and . Mr. Jospeh P. Nazareth , Shirva were realeased at St.Jospeh’s P.U.College, Baljpe. Rev.Br.Hector Pinto, Principal of the Institution presided over , released the English version and delivered the presidential address. Rtn.Pundalika Marate, the chief guest of the event released the Kannada  version. In  his message he advised the students to give atleast one hour daily  time to their studies  which will help them to reduce their tension and anxiety during the examination.

Mr.Yadav V.Karkera, Member of Tulu Sahithya Academy, threw some light on the usefulness of the books. Senior Lecturer HubertFurtado was present on the occassion. Mr.J.P.Nazareth extended a warm welcome, Mr.V.V.D’souza proposed vote of thanks. Mr.David D’souza, compered the programme. The staff and students of the institution witnessed the event.



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