The long awaited un-cherished dream of forming an association of undivided Kirem under one roof was realized when a dozen of Kirem enthusiasts joined together on 18th of October 2013 at “Pingara Restaurant in Karama-Dubai, and received an overwhelming response from Kirem and its associate parishes. This eventually picked momentum of calling a first ever general meeting of all Kirem Fraternity and well wishers on “All Saints’ Day” 1st of November 2013 with over two dozens of active participants spread over in Abu Dhbai, Dubai and Shrarjah in the the Emirates, The association was formally baptised as “KIREM MITHR SAMUDAAY (Kirem Community Friends). It was a welcome move, with a ‘Change Society’ concept, strong pragmatic objectives and practical approach to face the society and meet the challenges; and were well endorsed by all the Kirem Mithr Fraternity. For the year 2013 – 2014 a working committee was formed. Mr. Rajesh Quadras was unanimously nominated as the President. Rajesh Quadras, hailing from Damarskatte, who made his humble beginning through his active participations in the Kirem Parish and during his college days in “Pompei college Aikala’ excelling in academic and extra-curricular activities with his dynamic organizational skills. With a Degree in Business Management Studies, Currently, Rajesh is working in Fenno Scandia Middle East as Accounts Manager and resding in the Discovery Gardens, Jebel Ali. Mr. Arvind Fernandes and Mr. Sudhir Santhosh Miranda were unanimously nominated as the joint secretaries. Mr. Aravind, hailing from Kolbet of Kirem Parish with a sound vision and exceptional organizational skills stands out to be an articulate communicator and moderator. He along with Rajesh had ignited the first flash into this organization. With a bachelors degree in Commerce, Arvind, currently employed as Inventory Controller, in M/S. Lunar Eelectro, Dubai – U.A.E. resding in Bur Dubai, U.A.E. Mr. Sudhir Santhosh, haling from Elinje of Kirem Parish has excelled with his silent approach. With his multitask approach with a blend of spiritual background has accomplished quite a number of appreciations in the parish and is reckoned as a voice all through out his academic career. Sudhir, with a B.E. in Printing Technology, is currently employed as Manager- Creative Development at Souk Group, Dubai, and has special interests in photography, Communication and social media. Currently residing with his family in Dubai.

With it’s  humble beginning of “Kirem Mithr Samudaay” (K.M.S.), the forum whole heartedly invites and welcomes with it’s doors open to  all the undivided Kirem and associate parishioners to strengthen the noble cause and reach out to the needs of the  less privileged fraternity, particularly living in the United Arab Emirates.

 For membership and details please contact :

Mr. Rajesh Quadras:  050-558 2696

Mr. Arvind Fernandes : 050-302 1528

Mr. Sudhir Santhosh Miranda: 050-736 3702

Mr. Roshan Sequeira : 050-215 5825

Mr. Neelesh Pinto : 055-576 3654

And, all the members at your proximity.

Kirem 25111301

Kirem 25111302



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