Nativity feast Milagres

Mangalore: Nativity feast Grand procession began at the residence of Mr James  Madtha. Novena was conducted at his residence for the past 8 days by  parish communities a grand procession began at  attavar Junction to
Milagres Church. Mangalore thousands of people participated in the  grand procession which was led by Monthi saibeen committee.  Speaking on the inauguration of the procession JR Lobo said  “ This
feast has united catholics among the world. Due to this feast the  harmony and love and affection has increased among the people. When i  approached the police commissioner seeking approval for the
procession, Comissioner has told me Catholics never harm the social  peace and harmony so they do not have any issues or concern on this  procession this is more evident that we have spread the message of
peace among the government officials  Grand Holy mass was celebrated at Milagres Church. Parish Priest Rev  Fr. Valerian in his sermon stressed the need of love within the  family. This feast should be celebrated along with our neighbors so  that love of mother marry spread among all the people.
Soon after the mass Novem was distributed and sugarcane was distributed to children.

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