Finale of Taluk level Athletics

Dakshina Kannada zilla panchayat and department of public instruction, in association with Mangaluru North and Maryvale High School, Kinnigoli, saw its grand finale on 2nd October at Magala Stadium at 4.00 pm.

Mrs Philomen Sequeira the president of Kinnigoli gram panchayat presided over the function. She said, “I feel happy to see the students participating in the events. I was able to recall my childhood. Playing makes the children clever and fit. Winning and losing is like two faces of the coins.” She also congratulated Maryvale School for conducting the athletics with success.

 “Let this athletics be held every year” said Sr M Pramitha principal of St Theresa’s School. She also continued saying life is too short and we have very less time on this earth.  Athletics keeps us active and healthy.

Mr Raghunath Physcial education inspector, Mr Harish Rai,  Mrs Asha Nayak were also present as chief guests.

Sr Divina the correspondent of Maryvale accorded a warm welcome to the guest and the gathered. Sr Shanti Agnes the headmistress of Maryvale high school the host was among the many on the dais.

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