Republic day

Kinnigoli: January 26th the Republic day of India was celebrated in befitting manner by paying respect to our county by Maryvale School, Kinnigoli.

The flag was hoisted by Sir Philip Nery DMello the chief guest of the day and paid the respect to our Nation, India. Sir Philip Nery an ex-army man has served Indian Army for 26 years. He also participated in two wars in 1965 Indo-Pakistan war and 1971 Bangaldesh liberation war. He has served in Rajasthan, UP, Arunachal, Kashmir Punjab and Nagapur.

In his address to the gathered he hallowed the name of India his mother land to its highest. We need to love India and do all the good to keep her name high, he said. Appealing to the students he said, join the army and serve India. Protect its name and fame. It is the greatest tribute that we can pay to our nation today.

Mr Deepak Rordigues and the Parent Teacher Association members were few among the other presents. The large number of parents of the children went back  home with great respect for the country in their heart.

The children gave a meaningful message through their well planed acting and dances. Depicted the richness of the various religions in Indian and the unity which binds our mother Indian. The performance of the children was well appreciated by all the gathered.

Sr Shanti Agnes the headmistress of Maryvale High School and Sr Nisha DSouza the headmistress of Maryvale Primary was also present. Their efforts to make this day a memorial one was well appreciated.

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