Inaugural of International Symposium

Bendore, Mangalore: The Post Graduate Department of English, St Agnes College (Autonomous) is
pleased to announce that an International Symposium on “Crossing the Borders of Nations and Self:
Migration and Migrant Literature in Theory and Practise” took place today at Sophia Hall in their college
campus. The theme of the symposium was “Crossing the Borders of Nations and Self: Migration and
Migrant Literature in Theory and Practise”, it is a two-day program, dated 29 and 30th of January.
The program began with an inaugural address by the Chief Guest Professor Vishanz Pinto. He is the
Head of the department of History at St Aloysius College. Dr. Vishanz Pinto has been awarded PhD for
his study on the Catholic of South Canara (modern period) titled “Migration of the Catholics of South
Canara and its Socio-Economic Dimensions (1900-1980)
Addressing the gathering he pointed out that there are mainly two types of migration that he observed in
the Mangalore Catholic Community. One is local migration from Mangalore to Metro cities like Mumbai
and Chennai this was due to Catholics who were basically agriculturist who did not have any land in their
own name, these people were cultivating the land from the land lord under the agreement of Chalgeni
where the farmers didn’t have any control over the revenue generated from the land hence these people
were waiting for the opportunity to go is search of greener pastures. When they witnessed the Industrial
revolution that happened in Mumbai many of them migrated to Mumbai and settled there. The Second
category is due to Basil mission and Church, many institutes have started their colleges in Mangalore
which boosted the educational field, due to this educated people migrated to Canada and America in
search of better opportunities. It helped Mangalore churches to develop economically.
The address of the keynote speaker was followed by the address by the Principal Sr. Dr. Jeswina A.C.
Dr Jeswina further elaborated on the topic of migration and accurately pointed out St Agnes contributed
lot in the field of education. The institute helped in the upliftment of the women rights and dedicated itself to women empowerment and how the College helped women attain the position they deserve in society.
Then the gathering dispersed for a short break and reassembled for a lecture by our keynote speaker Dr
Juanita Cox Westmaas, she is an Associate Fellow of the London Metropolitan University, where she
lectured for three years in Caribbean Studies and Black British History, a migrant herself, Dr Juanita was able to give us an in depth analysis on critical biography of Edgar Mittelhozer.
PG co-ordinator Dr Noeline Pinto and Student convenor Mr Ponnanna C.P were present on the dais.
Miss Deepika Appaya was the master of ceremonies and the program concluded with the vote of thanks.




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